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DaSilver backgound

 My passion for art and fashion started when I was a kid, when I was fascinated by the glamour of beautiful art piece, beautiful people and pretty jewellery. Like every young girl dreams, to become the fairy tale princess, I dream and trying my best to make my dreams come true.


In Da Silver, we welcome all the pretty young ladies to fullfil their dreams. Be part of the Da Silver princess, own the one and only necklace with specially with your name on it. As for all the men out there, you can purchase a piece for your precious princess.


Da Silver is friendly and we offer good service, no doubt is an online business but  we will always be there to response to your enquiries. You can put full trust and purchase a piece of your own art piece here. :tongue:

What she says:
1. Could you introduce youself briefly

I studied multimedia design here in Malaysia and after graduating I work as a freelancer til today. I am a girl who has strong self confidence and own ways of doing things. I have strong passion on things that I like, my world consists of fashion, drawing, cooking, travelling and my lovely dog. Love to explore and discover new things in every aspect of life.

2. What brings you venture into online business?

I am a self-taught internet marketer since a year ago. I could say that the internet is an important tool in the process of becoming what I am and what I care about now. Many people might think online business is very easy. I would say it's very easy to build a powerful website but the hardest part is the consistency to drive consumers to your website and how you build your brand and reputation online and make people understand in order to purchase your products without hesitance and revisit your website.
3. What is the different working for others and working for yourself?

I started my first design job in a design agency, its only lasted for one month because I realized I love to take control of everything that i believe is right It is very difficult for me to work for someone if I have strong believe on my own thinking and perception. I am a born risk taker and I love to challenge new things and having good and bad experiences to allow me grow stronger in my life.

4. How do you research?

Internet! I love flickr, i love blogs, i love facebook, youtube! I am a Y generations who can't live without the internet!

5. What inspires you?

Passion and soul, I would say anything or anyone that work with passion and soul will inspire me. Not specifically from a successful person or a well-known person. It could be anyone who do things and take lives seriously which I'll adore. I believe every human being that have passion and perseverance will succeed in thier own way.
6. As we know you are running own business for more than 5 years. Could you please give a piece of advice for all the designers or business owner out there?

Whether you are working for yourself or working for others, you must be positive, think as big as you want, start dreaming and pursue it. Just focus on your passion and remember there are no shortcuts to reach your goal. Besides that, always know what you are doing and love what you are doing!


7. What is your goal for Dasilver?

I am so happy for all the supports and purchases from people who agreed with Dasilver. I hope to move into retail store when our fans hit 10,000 people in facebook and I believed it will be next year!